We were discussing fish with a group of our regular customers at a wine tasting we held, and we asked that as they all seemed to love eating our fish in the restaurant, how many cooked it at home. When the answer came back hardly any, and we asked why, the view across everyone was that they had no real experience of how to cook it well, or the different dishes they might do.
Our Chefs, said that that was sad, and we would do something about helping them so they could enjoy fish whenever they wanted, it is natures fast food, and so much better for you.
We then set about making films to help you achieve that, from Choosing your fish, to preparing it, cooking and serving. Films made so far include ones on Talbot, Mackerel, Mussels, and Crab, but if you want a specific fish you love to be the next, let us know.


Baked in salt with rosemary

Red Mullet

‘Al Cartoccio’ with orange and anchovy

Dover Sole

With Maitre D’hotel Butter

Selecting Fish

Learn from our video how to choose the freshest fish, and tips on what to look for in different fish.


Natures fast food, watch and learn from our Chef how to prepare, and cook the freshest, tastiest, easiest supper so you can delight your family and friends at home as if you were at the Spiny.


Watch and follow the video in everything you need to prepare and cook this king of fish yourself in your home

Cracking & Dressing a Crab

Summer evening, glass of chilled white wine, and the freshest dressed Devon Crab, make it come true in your own home by watching and following how to prepare and dress the freshest crab for you and your family.

Grilled Whole & Filleted Mackerel

Follow our Head Chef through preparing and cooking your fresh Mackerel, to present your own Spiny@home.

A day in the life of Spiny…

Here at the Spiny Lobster, our fish is selected and bought for us every morning at the markets in Brixham and round the country, after being caught and delivered by boat to the market the night before. It is then delivered straight to us in Bristol, where we display, prepare and sell it to you, or cook it if you eat with us in the restaurant.