Welcome back, we missed you!

Two things you should know, firstly we care about you, and secondly we care about our team and their being able to be your usual Spiny whilst keeping you safe.

We have therefore prepared the restaurant for you with all the guidelines the Government recommends, and our own additions, so you can enjoy the experience our customers have told us they loved, without fear.

All we ask of you is as usual to respect others doing the same as you during your time here, and thankyou for agreeing to your temperature being taken, and sharing your home details, we are working to the Im + guidelines, and it will ensure even more that we do all we can to keep you safe while enjoying the evening. (And we are sure you feel better without the woolly hat)

In the same aim, we would ask that while arriving healthy, you allow us to support you in that by helping manage the greatest risk of transmission, ie your hands. Thankyou for sanitising your hands on arrival, as you can see, sanitisers are also on each table for your use, each of your front of house staff have personal sanitisers, and there are the same in the toilets, please use them to protect yourself and others as often as you like. Everything on and around your table that you might touch has been cleaned specifically for you, your tablecloth, cutlery, crockery, glassware is sterilised after every use, and even menus are one use only.

To help you feel more confident and free to enjoy the evening without fear, you will already know that we have the highest hygiene rating possible of 5, and carry out all the personal hygiene required as part of maintaining that. To also manage the further risk of the virus, you may be reassured that our team are temperature checked as they arrive during the day, carry personal sanitisers for use after every interaction with others including guests, have been trained and practiced working with you in the new environment, and managing risk to you and them to the lowest level possible.

Lastly, as part of that respect for others, we would ask guests to find their way through the restaurant recognising personal space and distancing wherever possible, accommodating staff and other guests movements as and when. We have taken significant steps in supporting you in that, with materially fewer tables and seating, and screening around the fixed booths, which we know will change the atmosphere a little, but ask that you work with us as we and the Government learn more about safe socialising.

Thankyou again for coming, we have stayed open throughout all this crisis to be there for our community and those who like what we do, and are pleased and proud to be open again on the first day to greet you back. Enjoy, we love having you here.

from the Spiny Team