Friday, 26th August

So, we were tasting some new wines with our supplier, and Charlie said ‘I’m starving, and this is making me more so, I’ll just do something for us to eat with this’, and scurries off to the kitchen, while us bemused tasters waited to see what he was going to do. He was right, because some of us were going to work that evening, and as we, in truth, are sippers not spitters when we are tasting, we needed food to soak it up!

He returned with a repast of dishes, that we all leapt on and started sampling with our tasting. After some valid squeals of delight, our droll KP asked why we don’t do something similar with our customers, as the experience of sampling the flavours of the wines with foods that suit them really was special.

Given we never look a gift fish in the mouth, we followed up the idea with our supplier Liam Stevenson who started and leads Vineyard Productions, (youngest person ever to be awarded the Master of Wine qualification, there are only 418 in the world) , and together, we have replicated that experience of startlingly interesting wines, paired with food they love, (in our case some special fish and shellfish!)

We decided to host it at lunch so people can indulge a little and make an event of it, without necessarily losing their evenings, On the other hand, we don’t anticipate closing that afternoon x

Those who have frequented our Jazz and Shellfish evenings know what an institution they have become, and hard to book, we feel this just might turn into the same.

Menu of Friday 26th August
£85 per person



Mackerel & cucumber tartare
Taramasalata on crisp bread
Libertine Sparkling Rose, Essex

To start

Salmon crudo
Mk Gruner Veltliner, Austria, 2020

To follow

Crab risotto with soft herbs & datterini tomatoes
Amu, Vermentino, Sardinia 2020

Main Course

Todays market fish
With shellfish & potato vinaigrette
Served with spinach
El Garbi Tinto or Blanco, 2020


Summer pudding with clotted cream
Maia Rose, Cote de Provence, 2019