Lunch & Early Evening Menu 


2 courses £15 | 3 courses £18


To Start

Zuppa di Pesce

Maple cured salmon with fennel & pink pepper corn

Rigatoni alla amatriciana 

Main course

Crisp fried haddock with tartare sauce

Moules frites

Whole roast sea bass with datterini tomatoes, olives & oregano

Add a glass of Pinot Grigio or Merlot for £3.95



Baked Basque cheesecake with caramelised orange

Quince & prune tart


 Served Tuesday-Friday 12pm-2.30pm

 Served Tuesday-Thursday, 6pm-7pm


Native lobsters are now out of season

 They will not be on our daily menu for the foreseeable future

 But just pre-order one when you book and we will get one in for you!




























Menu of Wednesday 22nd January

To Start

Zuppa di Pesce £7.00

Scallops roasted in the shell with garlic butter £12.50

    Wild Atlantic prawns with olive oil & sea salt £10.90

River Fowey mussels with celery & bay  £7.50

Rigatoni alla amatriciana £7.50

Maple cured salmon with fennel & pink pepper corn £7.90

Parma ham with buffalo mozzarella £9.00

Crisp fried squid with aioli £8.80


  Main Courses

Roasted over the fire

Monkfish tails with garlic & parsley £24.00

Fillet of sea bass with rosemary & orange £22.00

Cornish John Dory with buttered almonds & chervil £25.00


South coast ray wing with pastis & capers  £19.00

Gilt head bream with datterini tomatoes, olives & oregano  £19.00

Tranche of turbot with Basque vinaigrette  £24.00

Fish to share

Whole Dover sole with rosemary & olive oil For two to share £30.00 per person


Rib of Aberdeen Angus Beef For two to share £24.00 per person


vegetarian options  available-



Chips  £3.50

Mashed peas  £3.50

   Cornish buttered potatoes  £4.00

                                  January king with tarragon butter  £3.50                      

 Escarole  £3.50

Florence fennel gratin   £4.00


 Please be aware that our menu contains allergens & that some of our dishes are served whole with bones, please speak to a member of staff for assistance, or if you would like your fish filleted.




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