Today’s desserts


Add a glass of Frangelico for                                                                                                                                                                                 Apricot ripple ice cream

Passionfruit sorbet & vodka

Chocolate St. Emillion with clotted cream

Lemon posset with cassis & shortbread

Custard tart with strawberries


Add a glass of Moscatel (50ml) for 

After dinner cocktails

Negroni—Spiny gin, Campari, punt y mas

Espresso Martini—Vodka, espresso & coffee liqeuer

Spiny Martini—Spiny gin & belsazar rose vermouth


Dessert wine & port

Chateau Guiraud 1er Cru Sauternes 2003          

The vineyard is situated  across the road from the famous Chateau  d’Yquem. Notes of saffron & bitter orange, & very aromatic and perfectly balanced, this wine is a real treat.

Served using a Coravin ensuring freshness in every glass.


Monbazillac, Domaine de grange neuve      

Stunning dessert wine, as good as many Sauternes

Il Sole di Corteforte Veneto                              

Full bodied but delicate with scents of white chocolate, cinnamon & honey

Pedro Ximenez, Gutierrez Colosia              

This is like a a glassful of chocolaty raisins, wonderfully sweet

Quinta de Val Da Figueira 10 yr

Mixed spice, dried apricot & raisins, with characteristics of a tawny this port matches perfect with cheese

Graham Tawny Port 10 yr

Wood matured tawny port, beautifully deep & rich

Krohn port, LBV, 2015

Full bodied & intense, woodland fruit characters


Seasonal cheese by Two Belly

Served with chutney & water biscuit

Brunswick blue, Devon

A smooth and creamy texture alongside a clean, refreshing flavour.

Cornish Kern, Cornwall

A smooth and well-rounded cheese with a bright, nutty sweetness and rich depth of flavour

Robiola, Italy

Soft cow’s milk cheese


Add a glass of Grahams Tawny port 




Baron de sigognac Bas Armagnac, v.s.o.p.   


Maxime Trijol VS

Ragnaud-Sabourin No 10 v.s.o.p 


Monkey Shoulder  

Chivas Regal   

Black bush 

Laphroaig 10 yr  

Lagavulin 16 yr 


Amaretto  Saliza 

Mount Gay rum  

Coffee Digestif  

Tia Maria  

Homemade limoncello  


Diplomatico Reserva rum 


Domaine Dupont v.s.o.p.   


Coffee & Teas

Espresso   | Double espresso 
Macchiato  |  Americano 
Cappuccino  |  Latte 
Tea – English breakfast, Earl grey, Chamomile, fresh mint