Today’s catch

Indulge yourself with the freshest of fish from The Spiny Lobster.

Counter open today!

Open from 10am.

We will have a selection of:


– Sushi graded tuna

– Loch Duart Salmon

-Sea bream

– Skate

– Hake

– Mackerel 

– Plaice

– Smoked Haddock

– Wild Atlantic prawns 

– Fowey mussels

– Devon crab, whole or dressed

– Scallops

– Native lobsters

– Fish cakes, fish pies, fish soup

– Taramasalata, anchoiade, chilli jam £2.50 each

Plus all our delicious dry stores & of course our very own Spiny Gin.

We are at Whiteladies road farmers market every other Saturday with all your fishy essentials! 

The freshest of fish!

Our Fishmongers is stocked daily with the freshest fish & seafood in Bristol. Our customers tell us that once they had seen what we have, they wonder why they ever bought fish elsewhere, perhaps it might be the same for you!

Each morning, our fish is delivered straight from the markets in Devon & Cornwall. We have a great relationship with the people on the Markets, which ensures we are able to get the best quality fish at the right price. We rely on weather, seasonality and the catch that is landed each day.


Tinned fish has been with us almost forever, but has recently been “refound”, thanks to the Lockdown, and people wanting different, better quality meals they could eat at home, especially if they had the advantage of being easy to prepare. 

We have selected some of our favourites for sale from our friendly fishmonger, Barney 


The list of suppliers we have chosen are:

Gueyu Mar; the world-famous Michelin star restaurant locatd in Asturias, Spain grills its fish over a wood fire and tins it in house to produce a seriously top-class product 

-Ortiz anchovies: Ortiz have been preserving fish by artisan methods since 1891, they come from the cold waters of the Atlantic and are processed straight from the boats and left to mature for at least six months, widley considered the finest tinned anchovy there is. 

-Jose Gourmet: A world class producer for tinned fish from Portugal, with the highest quality, focusing on fair trade principles and supporting local fishmen. 

Gueyu Mar

Squid £14.50

Bonito Tuna £16

Mussels in escabache £10

Sardines in escabache £12.50 

Sardine tails £12.50


Anchovies £6

Sardines £7


Jose Gourmet

– Octopus £13.99

– Razor shell £10.50

– Spiced small sardines £4.99

– Tuna fillets £6.50

– Ventresca tuna £11.50

– Sardines in tomato sauce £4.99

– Stuffed squid in ink £9.50

– Mackerel fillets £6.25

– Spiced calamari £8.25

– Smoked trout fillet £9.50

Pre-order your shellfish platter now for the ultimate shellfish celebration feast!

Call our fishmonger to place your order

0117 973 7384

Select, prepare & cook your seafood…at home

Spiny At Home
While you can’t have Charlie and the team’s food prepared for you, we don’t want you to have to go without totally, so we’ve created some short films to take you through, step by step, how to recreate them yourselves, enjoy, , and share photos of your best attempts so we can make Charlie worried!