Our Fishmongers is daily stocked with the freshest fish & seafood in Bristol. Our customers tell us that once they had seen what we have, they wonder why they ever bought fish elsewhere, perhaps it might be the same for you!

Each morning, our fish is delivered from the markets in Devon & Cornwall. We have a great relationship with the people on the Markets, which ensures we are able to get the best quality fish at the right price. We rely on weather, seasonality and the catch that is landed each day, if we haven’t got what you want we’ll work hard to provide you with the best alternative.

You can choose from our display and have it prepared in exactly the way you want by our fishmongers, whether scaled, deboned, filleted, or whole. They  will be able to tell you where your fish, oysters, mussels and lobsters are caught,  and help you with information about the sustainability of the fishery along the South coast of England where our fish is responsibly harvested. If you are wary of doing it justice when you are cooking it yourself,  they will more than pleased to help you with recipe ideas and cards for you to take home, and watch this space, because we are just filming Charlie cooking each of our favourite fish, which you will be able to download and use to guide you at home.

Fishmongers opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 9am – 5pm

Whiteladies Road Market every Saturday 8.30am – 2pm 


To place an order:

Speak to Liam: 01179 737384


…or pop in & speak to one of our experienced chefs

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