Today’s catch

In these challenging times, indulge yourself with the freshest of fish from The Spiny Lobster.

We have set up a delivery service for the local area so we can bring the fish to you

We will be delivering to BS6, BS8,BS9 and other close by areas

To place an order please call the restaurant on 01179 737384 or email us at

Meet us at the Whiteladies Road Farmers Market every other Saturday morning…or pop in and speak to our fishmongers Barney.

Come and say hello!

The freshest of fish!

Our Fishmongers is stocked daily with the freshest fish & seafood in Bristol. Our customers tell us that once they had seen what we have, they wonder why they ever bought fish elsewhere, perhaps it might be the same for you!

Each morning, our fish is delivered straight from the markets in Devon & Cornwall. We have a great relationship with the people on the Markets, which ensures we are able to get the best quality fish at the right price. We rely on weather, seasonality and the catch that is landed each day.

Date: December 3rd, 2020

Salmon £25kg

Whole crab £16kg

Red Mullet £24kg

Haddock £12kg

Monkfish £28kg

Skate £12 kg

Wild line caught seabass £26kg

Wild Atlantic Prawns £25 per kilo

Scallops £2.00 each

Oysters £2 each

Fish soup £6

Taramasalata £2.50

Turbot £26.50 kg

Brill £24kg

Squid £20kg

Anchoide £2.50

Pasta £3-£4

Tinned tomatoes £2

Chilli jam/ Romesco £2.50 each

Menai Oysters

Fresh in today… Menai Osysters from North Wales

Call our fishmonger to place your order

0117 973 7384

Select, prepare & cook your seafood…at home

Spiny At Home
While you can’t have Charlie and the team’s food prepared for you, we don’t want you to have to go without totally, so we’ve created some short films to take you through, step by step, how to recreate them yourselves, enjoy, , and share photos of your best attempts so we can make Charlie worried!

From the kitchen

You have asked if we are able to share what we make and serve in the restaurant, so you can enjoy them at home, even more important in these strange times. So, from our Taramasalata and Anchoiade, to soups, fishcake, fish pies and new Finishing butters, here they are –

Fish pie

Amazing family fish pie

Charlie, our Head Chef, used to make us these pies for our supper on a Saturday, an old recipe of his family. Apparently an ancient tradition is the egg inside them, that when cooked and the pie is opened to serve, the yoke gently oozes into the pie.

They always make us feel like a family as we enjoy them together, we hope they do the same for you too.

Call 0117 973 7384 to pre-order or pop-in!

Special seafood platter

Locked down and in for your loved ones Birthday, celebrating your wedding anniversary while staying home, wistfully remembering a Spiny Jazz and shellfish evening? Celebrate like everyone is there with your own shellfish platter, choose how much you want to celebrate, (Native Lobster, Devon Brown Crab, oysters, brown shrimps, North Atlantic prawns, crevettes, smoked & maple cured salmon, tell us what you want and how many), put your own music on and enjoy with those you love, and toast those that are not. Please order in advance.

Order yours today. Call 0117 973 7384